About Eldon Sarte

Professionally, I write and publish and do a bit of design. For fun, I write and publish and do a bit of design. And read. I used to spend a bunch of hours each week at golf and taking photographs, but time for all that went poof when my son was born in 2008, followed by twin daughters in late 2010.

I’ve been neck-deep in media and the publishing industry for over 25 years now. As a pro, I started off working in various capacities for a number of magazines, including The New Republic and Friends of Wine, before eventually going out on my own in the mid-90s developing publications and courseware for corporate clients.

Then the Internet happened.

Wordpreneur Peeps: 107 Successful Indie PublishersI started writing and publishing the e-Factory NewsDesk daily ezine, which was purchased and became The Dirtsmart Netpreneur website, ezine and imprint of early ebook publishing startup Intellectua.com. I also came on board, helping write, edit and develop a line of over 80 small business and career ebooks for the company.

I continue to publish my own websites/blogs (like Wordpreneur) and author books.