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typewriter_homeHere are a few “clips” of my writing. I have lots more; if you want to see them, just ask.

AlphaSmart NEO Review [PDF] — From my Mobile Writers: Do You Really Need a Laptop? article. This is the PDF that AlphaSmart distributes directly on its website. Click here to read the full article on my Wordpreneur blog.

Clone Golf Clubs: Are They Good Enough? A Real World Answer [PDF] — Report/ebook distributed as a subscription “incentive” on the HumanGolf site.

A few of my essays/blog posts. The last two are humor:

SimpleTechIntegration Newsletter [PDF] — I created, designed, researched and wrote this emailed HTML newsletter on educational free resources and tech tips for InfoSource, Inc. This PDF includes the master copy I wrote for the first six issues (an introduction plus two resources per issue).