For over 25 years, I’ve been neck deep in all aspects of media and the publishing industry. As a pro, I started working a variety of editorial and data processing/marketing jobs for magazines, including The New Republic, Friends of WINE (Managing Editor, Circulation Director) and Computer Digest (Editor-in-Chief). In the 90s, I went off on my own, developing books, publications and courseware for corporate clients.

Unfortunately, in 1996, I had to undergo four extensive and lengthy brain surgeries to remove what the doctors thought at first was a massive brain tumor. Lucky me, it was non-cancerous, but the extremely difficult and delicate procedures managed to take their toll: I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in therapy and rehab afterwards, and of course have had to adjust to living with a number of resulting disabilities since.

But lucky me #2: The Internet happened! It let me continue serving and helping people “virtually” online, without any of the darned physical challenges getting in the way. Yaaay!

I started writing and publishing e-Factory Newsdesk, a daily email “ezine” newsletter that became The Dirtsmart Netpreneur, a popular small business ezine. It was acquired by e-publishing pioneer Intellectua.com. I also joined the startup and helped develop and produce a line of over 80 business and career ebooks; I also wrote and produced the very first ebook it sold in its library, .COMstruction: The Basics,

Wordpreneur Peeps: 107 Successful Indie PublishersIn 2000, I launched Wordpreneur.com, a business site for independent writers, which gained in popularity for a spell, earning a spot on Writer’s Digest magazine’s annual list of Top 100 Websites for Writers.

I’ve published and sold a number of non-fiction Kindle titles on Amazon through the years (Wordpreneur Reloaded, Golfpreneur: eBay, Wordpreneur Peeps, From Free to Book, Online Ka-ching!, etc.). Now outdated, I’ve taken them out-of-print, and am working on a new line of non-fiction Kindle books.

Freelance articles/ghostwriting? Yeah, I do that too. 🙂