The reprint rights to many of my online articles and blog posts are available for a modest fee. The small one time charge covers both print and electronic (e.g., online) reprints.

In this day and age of very easy copy detection (through services like Copyscape), there is absolutely no need to overcomplicate this process of acquiring reprint rights to any of my online articles/blog posts. For each article/blog post you want to reprint, simply:

  1. Select Reprint Rights – for 1 article $10 from the pull-down Order/Payment Menu at the bottom of this page.
  2. Pay via Paypal.

That’s it! No need to wait for my authorization/confirmation before publication — your payment receipt/record’s proof enough that we’re square for the reprint rights to a single article/blog post of mine.

Very few, simple requirements:

  • My byline and/or credit bio (some now call it the resource box) must be included in the reprint.
  • A live backlink to the article/blog post’s originating site (e.g., Braintropolis, Wordpreneur, etc.) must be included in the reprint. If the reprint appears in print, the domain name must be spelled out in full (i.e., “Eldon Sarte publishes”).

Articles/blog posts that I have made available for reprint will have my orange reprint icon (shown above). You can also check this complete list of my “reprintable” articles and blog posts. Thanks!

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