Thank You for Your Payment!

If You Paid for an Article Editing/Rewrite Job

  • Please send any additional files and/or info (such as the original article to be edited) to
  • If you haven’t done so yet, please send any additional instructions to the email address above as well.
  • I will first need to review the order, payment, material and any instructions you may have. If everything’s a go, I will send you a confirmation email, and work will begin. (I will ask questions/send further instructions as needed, otherwise.)

If You Purchased Reprint Rights

Proceed with your plans; no delays or waiting necessary. I trust you know what you’re doing. You will receive an email confirmation of your order and payment from Paypal. I will, of course, review the order, payment and usage, and will contact you if I have any further questions, instructions and/or requests. Thanks!