Article Editing/Rewrites

You know you’ve simply got to put your best foot forward to get your articles accepted for publication, and/or if you’re going for free article (or press release) distribution, to not only get your articles reprinted but reprinted by influential sites and publications that matter.

You need an editor. I’m a pro. I’m low-cost. I’m good. And for the benefits you get, it’s a no brainer… really.

Here, check out this real world before and after edited article example to see what I can do for your work.

Ready to give your article the professional touch and the best chance possible for it to achieve your goals? Let’s roll:

Service Notes:

All work will be prepaid in USD$ via Paypal.

Due to my workload and  the demand for my services, although I can (and often do) deliver sooner, the best I can promise is a three (3) workday turnaround, beginning from the date I personally acknowledge (by email) receipt of your payment, the original article and any material needed from you to complete the job.

The most common editing service requested is for articles 500 words or less, no research required (this means all information, data, links, etc. required for the article is included in the original article or will be provided). This is the base article editing service, and it is priced at a flat $20.

The second most common is editing articles of up to 1,000 words in length, no research required. That costs a flat $30.

For longer articles, the cost will be an additional $10 for each block of 500 words above 500. (e.g., a 1,200-word article = $20+10+10 = $40). Again, this is for no research required.

If the work will require some research, add $15/500 words (e.g., 1,200-word article that requires research = $35+25+25 = $85).


To order, simply select or enter the amount due for the service you want below. The first two options are for the two most common editing services, and chances are your project will be either of those two. If your requirements exceed those, do the simple math and enter the amount due in the Other Amount: field instead.

Next, enter your contact email address.

When ready, click on the Pay Now button. This will take you to Paypal, where you can then make the payment.

After you’ve paid, further instructions (where to send original articles and materials, etc.) will be provided.

That’s it! Do please contact me if you have any questions. Here’s the order form:

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