You Voted Wrong? Not Really.

I’ve avoided posting much about politics… current politics, anyway. I’ve preferred to do the occasional one on my Facebook wall and as comments on my friends’ posts and news shares.

But I think I’ll change that personal unspoken “rule” now. It’s 2019 already, the motherland’s still far from being in great shape for the vast majority of its populace, and its leadership seems to be determined to do exactly the opposite of what it promised everyone it would be doing.

And frankly, they’ve been getting heavily on my nerves, something I didn’t think would be possible in that relatively brief spell I’ve been back. But I guess the administration’s succeeded majorly in proving me wrong in that regard.

And I was on its side going in! Away for decades, mindset of “give everything a chance” as I get acclimated. You know, ignorant. Well, they sure schooled me right quick.

Anyway, the point is, you’ll start seeing political posts hereabouts every now and then. Let me start with something I posted on FB about half-a-year ago. It’s still current and apropos. That’s actually bad news. Here you go:

I’m starting to see a lot of posts from folks who voted for Duterte who now regret their decision, even asking for forgiveness.

Sigh. Folks, you weren’t “fooled.” Never forget: Duterte was not elected in a vacuum. The opponents left much to be desired. It’s like picking food from a menu of dishes that make you sick — you pick the one that’s least likely to screw you up.

Withdrawing your support for the guy now does not mean you made the wrong decision. In fact, I would argue that you more than anyone else have the right to be enraged and demand he does what he promised you to get your vote! You bought the product. Now you want the product that was promised delivered.

That’s all it is. You didn’t fail… he’s failing you.

But he’s still got time to make good. So withdraw your support; no one said you can’t give it back when he starts doing what he said he was going to do. Demand that he do them. And don’t let up. Your vote bought you the right to make those demands as often and as loudly as you want.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Not him, and most certainly not his foolish, blind childish fan club. You are not a traitor to the cause… you are the cause.

Your vote says so. Good luck to all of us.